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Our Game Services

One of the many challenges faced by people outside the professional game is that they are denied access to the huge number of services made available to professional players, which both help them to perform better on the pitch and make their lives much more enjoyable off it.

Professional benefits for you and your club

At Our Game, we recognise the talent that exists outside of the professional game, and also the commitment and dedication required by you, whether you’re a player, a fan or a coach, to contribute to your club and the game itself, in the ways that you do.

Because of this, we made it our mission to bridge the gap between professional and semi-pro football, so that those involved in amateur and semi-professional football are able to gain access to benefits similar to those provided at the higher ends of the game.






What you'll get

Within Our Game Services, you will have access to all those goods and services you want and need but have never been able to arrange. Whether you're looking for kit or a reliable personal fitness trainer, our members' rates will ensure you don't ever have to pay over the odds. What's more, as we are always working hard to secure new deals and discounts for our members, the list of benefits available to you will only grow as time goes on!

Once you are a subscriber, you will be given access to the Our Game Directory, where you'll be able to find details of ALL the service providers we are working with. Simply use this directory to find the provider you need and quote your Our Game / ASPSU membership number when making your booking to benefit from our specially negotiated rates.


Find out more

For more information about how a membership to Our Game can benefit you both on and off the pitch, simply take a look through Our Game Services. Whatever you're looking for, be it the best football boots, or top quality treatment from a professional football physiotherapist, with such a huge range of deals and discounts to choose from, you may well be able to get it for a fraction of the price you would otherwise have ended up paying.