"Our Game" Circles

Introducing the UK’s premier non-league football networking platform


How access to semi-pro and amateur football’s largest online community can benefit you…

Our Circles is all about helping you to connect with others in the non-league game. Although we all know about sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, because of their sheer size and non-specificity, these sites are becoming less and less useful for networking purposes. Think about it – how many times have you logged onto one of these sites and been bombarded with lots of useless information, events or messages you don’t want?

To avoid having to deal with this kind of unwanted detail when all you want is to socialise or connect with specific or like-minded people that you actually do want to talk to, we have created, Our Circles.

As the only semi-pro and amateur football networking facility of its kind, Our Circles allows you to create and edit your profile, socialise, make new  friends and contacts, and manage your football career and C.V. In short, it’s everything all the other social networking sites offer, but exclusive to Our Game members, so it’s focused solely on amateur and semi-pro football. Whether you’re looking for advice from a fellow player who’s been through similar problems, jobs in football or simply seeking to secure a move to a new club, Our Circles is perfectly positioned to help you.

Earn money simply by being a member…


Our Circles also offers you the chance of finding TV work! As agreed with the premier producer of football adverts in the country and the man who brought ‘Unbelievable Tekkers’ to the mainstream, Andy Ansah, the Our Circles database is to be used by Andy and his company Sports on Screen to source models to be used for future adverts. Do you know of any other social networking site that realistically gives you the chance of working alongside any of your footballing heroes?

(Below is an example of a model card that is created by the Sports on Screen team for all people on their books. Setting your profile picture on Our Circles to be as clear as one of the below picture types will increase your chances of being identified for relevant work.)



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If you’re interested in improving your experience of amateur or semi-pro football, and would like to experience perks such as access to top quality sports physiotherapists, football agents and personal fitness trainers as well as deals on everything from football boots to gym memberships, why not register with us today?

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