Our Game and The ASPSU


 Our Game and the ASPSU


“What is the difference between the ASPSU and Our Game?”

The ASPSU and Our Game are two separate organisations with a single aim: to improve your experience of non-league football. While the ASPSU is exclusively a players’ union with a specific set of requirements, Our Game has no such restrictions and caters for everybody, from players and fans to coaches and managers.

In order to ensure it is able to cater as efficiently as possible for the needs of players, the ASPSU has been set up with the intention of keeping it completely free from commercial activity. As we are passionate about providing our members with an ever-increasing range of career and lifestyle benefits, we have teamed up with Our Game, and appointed them as the ASPSU’s commercial partner.


“What are the benefits of this partnership?”

The benefits of this partnership are that the ASPSU will only ever be exposed to essential liabilities in keeping with its core business, while Our Game can utilize its greater relative strength to better manage the risks associated with commercial dealings, and call on the strength of both its members and those of the ASPSU to strike better deals for the benefit of all.

As a more streamlined organisation free of commercial concerns, the ASPSU is well placed to meet the needs of its many potential members nationwide, whilst Our Game, with its more general focus, in turn benefits from being able to leverage the greater weight of numbers the ASPSU adds to its business.

To raise semi-pro and amateur football to the levels many of us believe is possible, we must all work together and the partnership between Our Game and the ASPSU is perfectly positioned enable this to happen.

A shared dream. An exclusive partnership. A perfect match...


Experience the benefits for yourself!

If you’re interested in improving your experience of amateur or semi-pro football, and would like to experience perks such as access to top quality sports physiotherapists and personal fitness trainers as well as deals on everything from training kit and football boots to holidays and gym membership, why not register with us today?

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