Francis Duku

These experiences also brought with them their fair share of problems and challenges ranging from a broken leg and fractured ankle that kept him sidelined for 7 months at a key stage in his career, to playing for clubs who stopped paying agreed wages unexpectedly in mid season. 

The combination of all these experiences, both good and bad, has resulted in a career that can reasonably be considered to be relatively unique, but has also enabled him to develop strong positive relationships with players, fans and managers a like.

Away from football, Francis gained a BSc Economics degree from the University of London, before going on to a career in the financial services sector. This has seen him work with and for some high calibre people and companies throughout the course of his professional life, that has required him to perform to exceptionally high standards, while also meeting the demands placed on him from a challenging non-league career.

From being a young player with realistic high hopes of progression, to a seasoned senior player, Francis has experienced many of the things non-league football can thow at you. He has not only developed the vision and passion to make the ASPSU a success, he also arguably has the skills, knowledge and contacts to do so. His undeniable commitment and sacrifice to deliver on the project now just needs the support of you, the players, to make this Union, the success it should be, and achieve his aim of being able to give something back to a game that has given him so much.