Francis Duku

Francis DukuLike every footballer, I have endured my fair share of injuries with one injury frustratingly sidelined me for a period of seven months when I was on the verge of a breakthrough into the professional game. There were several lesser injuries too, each of which struck at the worst times for me, seriously interrupting my playing career and the opportunity to progress to higher levels. Ultimately, I experienced a career within the non league game which I am proud to say is relatively unique. I have been fortunate enough to forge, maintain and further develop a healthy and strong reputation among my peers and within the ranks of non league officials, players, managers, fans and commentators alike, both as a person and a player with a passion, commitment, knowledge and focus on and off the pitch becoming something I have am now known for.

Off the pitch and away from the game, I went on to gain a BSc Economics degree and have since carved out a career within investment management working for and with premier firms in the sector. This has seen me achieve a number of industry recognised qualifications and good success within each of my individual roles, being able to combine this success with my desire to continue playing football competitively. 

Having already enjoyed so much of my time playing non league football, I now realise that my playing career is gradually coming to an end so have been considering which area of the game I want my career to move into next. I tell you my story only to highlight the fact that as a player, I have experienced just about every high and low that the non league game can throw at you, with many of the pressures that go with it. Having been made to realize just how much I have been able to help other players over my time with them, I realised that I could put my experience, personality and character to a very positive use. In my day to day football life, where I can, I provide support, guidance and advice to other players who know me and show they need it, now I want to expand on that and help as many other people as I can

This has led me to develop a plan over recent years, leading to the position where I now find myself. From today, my aim is to help as many of those as possible playing / involved in football at non league level. Football, at all levels throws up many issues that can affect those involved both positively and negatively. With my professional work life, football experience and comprehensive network of contacts, I am well placed to help develop interaction and support mechanisms across the non league game, as well as systems and processes that will really help individuals and groups. I want you to join me in this unique world for non league football that is being created. With the help and support of key "Our Game" personnel, you will have the opportunity to further your own ambitions in and out of the game.

With that I say, welcome to "Our Game".