Skill levels apart, the most demanding aspect of football has to be fitness, not only of an entire team, but of each individual within the line up as well.

Injuries are the main detractor to our fitness levels, but are unfortunately an inevitable part of football, so we can all reasonably expect to be affected by this at some point in our playing careers. The slightest of knocks can prevent us from training for weeks and send our fitness levels spiraling downwards and our performance with it.

It takes a lot of focus, hard work and dedication to attain or retain the necessary levels of fitness.

In other instances, it may well be that you feel you need that little bit of extra stamina, strength or speed to help improve your game further, and make sure you do everything to turn that interest in you, into the move you always believed you were good enough to make.

Going to the gym is all well and good, but what you really need is access to top sports trainers and fitness experts.








That’s where "Our Game" once again scores spectacularly for you. We have found some exceptional fitness experts who are not only qualified, but also understand the demands and requirements of the game because, in most instances, they have played it.

You can book individual or group / team sessions, focusing on conditioning, specific aspects of your game, or all round fitness. You can be assured that the "Our Game" Fitness team will work you hard, keep you focused and get you to where you should want to be, being your  prime physical condition and shape. It’s up to you to take the necessary pride in your performances and the pride can start here….

Passion, knowledge and commitment is a must from all the providers available on this service to make sure any time you spend with them will not be wasted time. Options available will include team and individual sessions, off season and in season training, UK based training, and even warm weather and residential camps! 



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