Our Game Education will bring to you more options than simply sending you back to a classroom. We realise that there are a number of reasons you may or may not want or even be able to study again. What we try to do here is give you a good reason to encourage you to do all you can to study again with our options. The options we bring to you have been chosen to truly enhance your life, be in subjects / areas that will be of interest to you, and give you a realistic career path at the end of it. 

If you invest your time and money in a course with our partners, you can do so in the knowledge that whichever option you choose, you will be making a worthwhile investment in your future.






Are you interested in becoming a personal trainer? Ask us about how we can help you achieve this through our partnership with Focus Fitness UK, and how being an Our Game or ASPSU member can save you hundreds of pounds when doing this. 




At FFUK we understand and specialize in re-training current/ex-footballers and other sportsmen and women for a lucrative career in the fitness industry.   Focus Fitness UK is owned by Dougie Freedman, the current Bolton Wanderers Manager who realises all too well how difficult it can be for players when they leave the professional game.  Our personal training courses will give you the knowledge and training skills to become a fitness industry expert. 

Becoming a Personal Trainer: What are the potential opportunities?

For more information on this and the other options available through the Our Game network, contact the team at