The Non League Secret Manager - Fans

"Non league football supporters generally fall into two categories. You get the ones who have blind faith in the team and believe you will win every game regardless. They never miss a game. The other sort are the ones who love a moan, particularly on club forums.

The Non League Secret Footballer - Abandoned Games

"In my time playing football I've had matches abandoned twice and they were for two different reasons. First was a time when weather forced the abandonment. We had absolutely horrendous and torrential rain in the days before the game and also in the morning leading up to the game. We were playing away, and it was one of the worst journeys we would have to make in our league, but travelled all the way to the ground with it still raining, thinking there’s no way this game will be on.

The Non League Secret Manager - Chairmen

Throughout my time in football, one thing has been consistent… bullsh*t! I expect it from players and to an extent supporters on social media websites, but more often than not, the biggest bullsh*tters are the club’s chairmen.

Chairmen are an interesting bunch. Most are either supporters of the club, wannabe business men or they want to be seen as some kind of hero. I’ve worked for some utterly clueless chairmen when it comes to football, yet there have been one or two who are fantastic.

The Non League Secret Footballer - Player Wages

"I have only been paid late by chairmen when I have been on a contract and I find this truly shocking as those contracts should work both ways. How on earth can management and chairmen expect players to play at their maximum whist they are p*ssed off because they haven't been paid what's owed to them. No matter what you think about a player's performance the manager / chairman should in my opinion always play their part and pay a player his wages when they are due!

The Non League Secret Manager - Players

"I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of different footballers over the years. As you can imagine I have come across a right mixed bunch, and they make for interesting changing rooms. What has always made me laugh, is that players think that the manager isn’t aware of everything that goes on. Anyway, I’ve had some very banterous changing rooms at times, and I have seen some interesting practical jokes.

The Non League Secret Footballer - Football Management

"I want to be a manager when I finish my career and there are plenty of good and bad characteristics I will take into my management style to hopefully make myself a good manager. 

The Non League Secret Footballer - Match Fixing

Match fixing has been in the news lately and the amount of games under investigation is staggering. I was offered to 'Fix' a game earlier this season along with a few team mates. The phone call was very brief as I declined straight away, not wanting any involvement in it at all. The phone call will always stay in my memory. It came from an intermediary for the fixers - an Englishman - and it seems like yesterday.

Non League Secret Manager.....

Already able to give you the chance to get views and insight from our very own Non League Secret Footballer, we thought it would be only right to complete the insight from the changing room and also give you a series from our very own Non League Secret Manager. What goes through a non-league managers head when they do a job that often costs them money, takes up lots of their personal time, and can give them more hassle than most people will put up with? Through our fortnightly Friday updates, you may just get an understanding you didn't have before.....


The Non League Secret Footballer....

Ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes at non-league clubs? Our very own "Non League Secret Footballer" will be sharing stories with you every week from a player's point of view from his time in non-league, into professional football and back again. Instead of cliches and quotes about being "as sick as a parrot, at the end of the day and it was a game of two halves," you will get real stories, behind real situations you may not even know happen at our level of football.


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