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The Non League Secret Footballer - Pre Season

Pre-season is always eagerly anticipated and also a time that most players don't enjoy, but it is essential every single year to prepare for the long season ahead!! This pre-season is the latest in a long list of pre seasons I have participated in so far! 

The Non League Secret Manager - Pre Season

Pre Season

"A new season is about to start this weekend in non league for most of us. A lot of managers and coaches hate it, whereas I actually don’t mind it.


All this free info we are giving out via blogs and is great right? However most people are probably just sat at home, going through the literature and getting more and more confused about how to actually make a change.

Nutrition for Recovery - My Fit Plan

I’m staggered by some people’s attitude to nutrition. Not least in the professional sporting environment. I’ve seen it, the rest of the MyFitPlan team have seen it, the public don’t realise it and the players get away with it. Not only that, some so called ‘sport scientists’ neglect it to some extent.

My Fit Plan - S&C Tips

"It’s that time of the year again. The pro’s are going back to state of the art drills and sessions to get them in peak condition for the football season. But what for the modern day amateur/semi pro coach?

The Non League Secret Manager - The End of Season

"So another non league season draws to a close, and while most people would believe that the work is done, then they are massively wrong. Managers don’t get time off, even in non league. Yes I will finally get to go on holiday, and yes I will turn my phone off for a week – although when you switch it back on again you find yourself with a to do list as long as your arm! I remember once when I became manager of a non league team, I had to go away for a few days. My phone didn’t stop ringing.

The Non League Secret Footballer - "Crossing the line"

"This week, I have given my Non-League Secret Footballer a break and have decided to write an article myself about a current story that I can provide a very direct insight into. The NLP edition that was out on April 21st carried a front page story about the Kidderminster vs Stockport match where several players from both sides were confronted by some Stockport fans, and a Kidderminster player was actually attacked!

The Non League Secret Footballer - Referees

"The subject of referees is always a hot topic at whatever level of football you play or watch. I know how hard it must be for the referees because without fail they will get some stick from players, managers and fans at almost every game they officiate. I do wonder why some of them do it because most of the time it can't be much fun! Most referees are on a hiding to nothing from players, managers and fans and no matter what they do, good or bad, you can probably find someone ready to criticise them for something.


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