Motivation - My Fit Plan


I was writing an introductory blog for a friend of mine last week and I spoke about motivation for young aspiring footballers and it got me thinking. When you initially think about motivation you think top athletes, Olympians pushing themselves to the limit of their physical capabilities right? But really all motivation is, is the why you are doing what you are, or why you set off on your journey to health, fitness and optimal performance. In fact not even that specific, it can be the reason you do anything you do.

For many though their training and nutrition is about aesthetics let’s be honest, you’re in the gym to be attractive to the opposite sex. For some it’s health, a fear that their lifestyle will one day cause them a lot of problems. For others, and a lot of people we are dealing with at the moment it’s optimal performance, aspiring sports people wanting to be better.

It may be a mix of any of these things but the reason really is irrelevant. It’s more the knowing of why you’ve started and how you plan to finish right? So how exactly are you going to stay on track towards your goals.

I’d imagine most readers genuinely go through our posts with the best of intentions, taking on the information but very few acting on it. So before the next post I want you to consciously think about the decisions you make which ultimately may effect your goals, now I’m not saying be a complete prude and never relax and enjoy yourself, but just be aware of the effects of your choices.

I saw a fantastic quote the other day “there’s only two days in which you can’t do anything, yesterday and tomorrow”. The hardest day is always the first and the biggest decision is always to take that first step. It’d be fantastic if just a small stimulus would make just a couple of readers begin to start, or push forward on their current journey. Not only that we’d love to hear from you! I’d love some guest blogs in the coming months to be written by clients and readers to help motivate and advise others. So please let us know, it’s time to help each other out.

So I’ll leave it at that, anybody interested in doing a guest blog in the future please let me know. It’d be awesome if just a gentle reminder convinced people to make a positive change. If you need some advice then have a look at some of the blogs we’ve given out in the past, take one principle and see if you can use it to push you forward. If you want optimal training and nutrition you know where to go.