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KZ Goalkeeping are delighted to have teamed up with 'Our Game' Football and Francis Duku to offer all Non league Goalkeepers the chance of wearing our brand.

The Non League Secret Manager - Inside the changing room.

"This week England qualified for next year’s World Cup in Brazil. Typically now we aren’t talking about the pitch, but matters of it. I don’t believe for one minute that Roy Hodgson is any way racist, and the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

The Importance of good hydration - My Fit Plan

Fatigue, poor concentration, headaches, cramps, drowsiness and reduced performance. If a drug was advertised to footballers as having this effect you’d hope that they’d avoid it like the plague. However it seems that poor hydration for players is the norm turning up on a Saturday.

In my opinion it’s a case of laziness as opposed to a lack of knowledge, the pee test is common and everyone knows how to check. If you don’t then I apologise and here is the chart outlining what your urine should look like prior to performance.

Weight Management - My Fit Plan

Footballers are some of the worst culprits of whacky techniques for dropping a few pounds. Bin bag running, dehydration techniques, ridiculous weight loss drinks and a million other common but ineffective techniques have all been used to drop a bit of weight.

Non-league seems to be a breeding ground for bad habits involving some crazy ideas and food choices so I think it’s about time to spread a little bit of advice for those guys looking to drop a bit of extra chub.

The Non League Secret Footballer - 3G Pitches

"After seeing a few new  3G all weather pitches cropping up at various non league clubs at places like Maidstone and Harlow, it has got me thinking about how this new and modern type of pitch could be very useful in the non league game and even further up the football pyramid and into the football league.

The Non League Secret Manager - The Beautiful Game?

"Every day we read or hear about the glamorous side of football. I love the pointless newspaper reports comparing Gareth Bales plastic bag to Cristiano Ronaldo’s designer man bag, or how much Bale earns a minute and what he’s had for breakfast, but the reality for many lower league and non league footballers is the opposite.

Motivation - My Fit Plan


The Non League Secret Manager - New season, new attitudes?

"So here we are a few games into the new season. Some teams have got off to great starts, while others of course haven’t. Already some managers are under pressure, which I find quite sad, as leagues aren’t won or lost in the first few games of the season.

The Non League Secret Footballer - Money!!

"With a new world record transfer fee impending when, not if Gareth Bale makes his move to Real Madrid, it got me thinking about money in football. 

In non league we are in a totally different world which is obvious for all to see...but believe it or not the ethics regarding wages, transfer fees and money in general are still the same and always will be just not on as great a scale. 


I know I’ve spoken before about my dislike of extreme low calorie diets and excessive cardio leading to yoyo dieting, and inevitable failure. But I think it’s one of the most important points that I’d like to get across as I’d imagine the majority of my readers are people looking to lose a little bit of weight.


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