ASPSU Member Benefits

As a Full Member of the ASPSU, you will be entitled to....

Full support and representation from the UK's only trade union exclusively dedicated to amateur and semi-professional sportspeople.

Inclusive player insurance which will provide the following benefits:                                                 

Benefit 1: Accidental Death                                                                                 £50,000                                    

Benefit 2: Permanent Total Disablement from usual occupation                 £50,000                                  

Benefit 3: Loss of one or more limbs                                                                 £50,000                                  

Benefit 4: Loss of sight in one or both eyes                                                     £50,000                                  

Benefit 5: Loss of speech                                                                                    £50,000                                  

Benefit 6: Loss of hearing in (a) both ears                                                       £50,000           

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (b) one ear                                                          £25,000                                  

Benefit 7: Loss of internal organ                                                                        £30,000                                  

Benefit 8: Temporary Total Disability                                                                Up to £500 per week              

Benefit 9: Physiotherapy Treatment                                                                  Up to £500 per year              

Benefit 10: Rehabilitation and Retraining                                                        Up to £2,500

Please check the policy document for the full terms and conditions of the insurance and its benefits.
(Click here for details of the Associate Member insurance entitlements, and here for the Youth Member insurance entitlements.)


The Our Game Cash Plan service that pays for scans, consultations, physiotherapy, dental, optical and GP check up costs among things for both you AND your children for both football and non football needs.


The option to take up the Our Game private health care service offering exclusive member only discounted rates on private medical cover specifically catered for footballers.


The wide ranging discounts and cash back services available through our partnership with LogBuy, guaranteed to save all members who use it at least £500 a year. (Download the LogBuy app for free from Google Play / Apple Store to see the range of savings on offer!!)


Inclusion on the Sports On Screen sports model database.


Exclusive tips and information to help your football career.

All for £30 per month.

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