Although not something that will be necessary for everyone, the "Our Game" Agents service potentially offers a very important addition to the benefits available as an "Our Game" member.

With more and more players going from semi-professional clubs into the professional game, and eventually reaching even the Premier League, getting good advice at the right times could make such a difference to you and your career.

The right move isn't always the obvious one, but with good advice, you can hopefully make the correct decisions.



For those with the realistic possibility of a career in the professional game, being able to build a relationship with a good agent is something that should never be underestimated. Working with someone who knows and understands you instead of people who only show interest when the much of the hard work has been done, is something we would always recommend.

The development of this relationship can only help you to better achieve your goals as this will leave you able to focus even more on just playing, in the knowledge your interests are being looked after by someone who has demonstrated you can trust them.

To make this possible, we have reached agreement with agents known to us who have the experience and capability to work with you at every possible stage of your career, and have also have a track record of doing the right thing by their clients.








We only recommend this service for people moving into or between clubs operating in full time football. The use of agents for moves within part time football is, in our view, unnecessary as there is very limited value an agent can add at these levels. 

Advice is of course still available via the "Our Game" team for everything involving part-time football. All activity undertaken via this service must be within FA rules and guidance, and should also be in co-operation with your club if appropriate.

We will not suddenly be able to turn you into a professional, but if you have a realistic chance of getting there,or need advice on a particular move, this service will be able to help you along the way and offer you all the things a good agent should.

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